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Wave Soldering System M400

The M400 is a CE certificated compact Lead Free Wave Solder Machine with inline finger conveyor for
bare boards or pallets. Equipped with two convection preheating zones, a double soldering wave, an
exchangeable solder pot, the integrated motor driven spray fluxer and optional N2 operation and
makes this machine the best choice for lower to medium volumes.

  • Touchscreen and PLC for controlling system, English interface. Can stock 50 groups parameters.

  • Extra in built 2 thermocouple port, equipped with two thermocouple wire to test profile with touchscreen 

  • Stepper motor combined with rail/guide to move spray, moving speed can be set in touchscreen

  • Spray nozzle ST-6 from Japan originally

  • Flux spraying starting and stopping economy running system in software

  • 2 hot air convection bottom preheating zones

  • Top glass cover for preheating zone

  • Drawer type heater from rear side in preheating zone

  • Drawer type blower from bottom side in preheating zone

  • Fully Ti solder pot, Ti wave tunnel, Ti wave nozzle, Ti impeller, Ti shaft

  • Solder pot trolley

  • Solder pot power&signal quick connector

  • Blower for cooling 

  • Conveyor with Ti material V shape finger ,Max 400mm conveyor width

  • Conveyor inload height 750+/-20mm

  • Conveyor width adjustable by crank manually

  • Conveyor angle adjusting system

  • Three color alarm light

Product Outline

Cost Effective Wave Soldering System WS-M400

for Medium Production Volumes

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