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Table Top Solder Paste Inspection System 

High Precision 3D SPI Inspection System as a table top version for small production volumes or selective Inspection tasks, including all features of our Inline SPI-Systems Series

  • High resolution Image Processing System

  • Programmable Spatial Light Modulation (PSLM) for ease of use and low wear

  • Phase Modulation Profilometryfor lowest height resolution and best repeatability

  • Diffuse Light System to eliminate shadow effects

  • ForSolderPaste and Glue/SMD Adhesives3D measurements

  • Teach-In or Gerber Data Import included

  • CAD data import included

  • Three tabletop models(for different PCB sizes)

  • Manual Loading and unloading of PCB’s

Product Outline

High Quality Desktop SPI Systems for Solder Paste and Glue Dot Inspection

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