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SP400V/SP750V Semiautomatic Screen Printer

Semi-Automatic High Precision Solder Paste Printer

SP-400V/SP-750V are two high precision, semi-automatic solder paste printing machines. Their printing accuracy of +/- 0.5mm makes them ideal for fine pitch printing. The included Vacuum table firmly holds PCBs in place while being printed and the cleaning stencil alarm timely reminds the operator to clean the device. Their print areas for PCBs reach up to 400x750mm, both single- and double-sided and are conveniently operated with PLC & touch screen.

Product Outline:

  • Motion System:

    • Ball linear guide rail and adjustable speed motor to drive and ensure the stability & precision of the printing

    • Precise micrometer screws ( X Y Z R ) for excellent positioning accuracy

    • Unique floating print head to make the solder paste more even

  • Combined Working Table:

    • Operator can fix positioning pins based on PCB dimension

    • Vacuum suck holders and magnetic pins ensure maximum hold of PCBs for precise printing results (+/- 0.5mm)

    • Very convenient for change over 

  • Control and Operation System:

    • PLC and touch screen control system 

    • Adjustable snap off speed based on different PCBs

    • Print speed control allows handling of complex fine-pitch PCBs

    • Cleaning stencil alarm timely reminds operator to clean

  • Personalized Design:

    • especially suitable for LED-Printing

    • Super-long working area equipped with high precision inverter motor to ensure stability

    • Rotatable (45°) squeegee for easy cleaning and replacement

    • High variety of interchangeable squeegees, metal or rubber in specified sizes

  • Printer Configuration:

    • Use of high quality electrical and pneumatic components manufactured by trusted brands like VIGOR, Mitsubishi, etc.

  • PCB Printing Areas:

    • SP1230: 50x50mm to 1300x320mm

    • SP1530V: 50x50mm to 1500x350mm


See a SP-400V Production and Safety Simulation:

Product Outline
Product Video
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