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SP1230/SP1530V Semiauto Longboard Printer

Semi-Automatic High Precision Solder Paste Printer

SP-1230/SP-1530V are two high precision, semi-automatic solder paste printing machines. Their ability to meet application requirements of large-board assemblies with print areas for PCBs up to 1500mm length, both single- and double-sided, makes them not only ideal for LED printing. They come with PLC & touch screen to control and operate, magnetic pins and vacuum suckers to safely secure PCBs in place during printing.

Product Outline:

  • Motion System:

    • Ball linear guide rail and adjustable speed motor to drive and ensure the stability & precision of the printing

    • Precise micrometer screws ( X Y Z R ) for excellent positioning accuracy

    • Unique floating print head to make the solder paste more even

  • Combined Working Table:

    • Operator can fix positioning pins based on PCB dimension

    • Support pins ensure maximum hold of PCBs for precise printing results (+/- 0.1mm)

    • Very convenient for change over 

  • Control and Operation System:

    • PLC and touch screen control system 

    • Adjustable snap off speed based on different PCBs

    • Print speed control allows handling of complex fine-pitch PCBs

    • Cleaning stencil alarm timely reminds operator to clean

  • Design:

    • especially suitable for LED-Printing

    • Super-long working area equipped with high precision inverter motor to ensure stability

    • Rotatable (45°) squeegee for easy cleaning and replacement

    • High variety of interchangeable squeegees, metal or rubber in specified sizes

  • Printer Configuration:

    • Use of high quality electrical and pneumatic components manufactured by trusted brands like VIGOR, Mitsubishi, etc.

  • PCB Printing Areas:

    • SP1230: 50x50mm to 1300x320mm

    • SP1530V: 50x50mm to 1500x350mm


Product Outline
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