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Selective Soldering Systems SEL-2F/SEL-2M

Inline Selective Soldering Systems

  • Ideal for fully automated selective soldering tasks for medium to high throughput demands

  • PCB’s up to 508 x 450mm

  • Titanium Solder pot with 15 kg capacity

  • Standard and customized selective soldering nozzles

  • N2 heating system as a standard for best soldering results

  • Integrated top and bottom preheating zones

  • X/Y/Z precision movement system

  • Industrial PC with Windows 10 Software for easy programming and operation

  • Drop Jet Fluxer Made in Germany

  • Live soldering process monitor

  • Wave height calibration

  • SEL-2M with double the throughput of SEL-2F


  • Fiducial Recognition

  • Offline programming Software

Product Outline

Inline Selective Soldering Systems

Product Video
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