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Selective Soldering System SEL-1

  • Ultra compact Stand Alone System

  • PCB´s up to 260 x 350mm (or 260 x 700mm)

  • Titanium solder pot with selective soldering nozzle

  • Industrial PC with Windows 10 software for easy programming and operation

  • "Solder It" software to program parameters such as moving speed, wave height and slope, dwell time, temperature

  • High precision X/Y/Z movements using Panasonic servo motor & drivers

  • Standard equipped with fluxer jet valve Made in Germany for down to minimum dot diameter 2mm

  • Standard equipped with "N2" heating system for best soldering results

  • Standard soldering nozzles with different diameters available

  • Live Camera Monitor

  • Preheating of PCB


  • Customized nozzles

  • Fiducial recognition

  • Auto solder wire system

  • Offline programming station

Product Outline

Ultra Compact System for PCB´s up to 260 x 350 mm (or 260 x 700mm)

Product Video
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