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Conformal Coating Systems SC445 / SC460

Product Features:

  • Fully automatic conformal coating system

  • PCB size up to 450 x 450mm (SC445) or 600 x 600mm (SC460)

  • High speed coating

  • High precision coating valves for a wide range of application

  • Up to three valves mounted on the machine

  • Valve tilting option for up to two valves

  • Three valve types: narrow spray valve, needle valve, wide spray valve

  • High precision steel base frame

  • CCD vision system for automatic fiducial recognition

  • SMEMA conveyor for highest through put

  • Automatic width adjustment

  • Panasonic servo motors and drives

  • Automatic width adjustment system

  • Different pressure tank size options

  • Coating level detecting system

  • Powerful process control capability to ensure that the coating will meet high quality and consistency

  • Industrial PC, Windows operation system

  • English and optional German user interface, very easy to use

Experience our high quality Conformal Coating Systems live in action: 

Product Outline
Product Video

Inline Conformal Coating Systems with different valves for

a wide range of coating applications

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