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F-Series Reflow Oven

The F-Series of high quality and high performance Reflow ovens is available with 8, 10 or 12 Heating Zones. All models are available as Convection ovens or as N2 Inert Gas Ovens low consumption

Main Features

  • High efficiency heating chambers

  • Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor in combination with chain conveyor

  • Chain conveyor

  • Optional Center Support System

  • PC Control with easy to use Software

  • Standard with Flux recovery System

  • Air cooling as standard, optional with Water cooling

  • Industrial PC control system

  • Automatic lubricating design with pressure pump

  • Flux recovery system


Experience our RO800F Convection Reflow Oven live in action: 

Product Outline

High Quality Lead Free Reflow Ovens

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