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Reflow Oven M-Series

  • 6, 8 or 10 Heating Zones

  • Cost effective, professional Reflow Oven Series with Touch screen and PLC control system.

  • The inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel which easy for cleans. 

  • The entire upper and bottom zones are forced air convection; provide great temperature accuracy and uniform. Stainless steel mesh belt and pin chain conveyor work together.

  • specially designed aluminum heating system providing  very quick ramp up time. It takes just 15 minutes from ambient to setting temperature.

  • It can save 50 groups temperature parameters and provides extra 2 ports for profile testing.

  • The software has the functions like , temperature setting and editing, PCB parameter menu, and profile testing,alarms and multi-languages conversion. 

  • High quality  electrical component like Schneider (Germany) breaker, KETE (Korea)  SSR, Omron (Japan) box breaker

  • Upper zone and hood can be opened by the electrical opening system.

  • Industrial chiller provides better cooling performance.

Product Outline

Economical Lead Free Reflow Soldering Systems

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