Stencil printing is one of the key processes in surface mount technology. It controls manufacturing yield and is the most sensitive step in the operation. Therefore careful printer selection is key to the successful operation of an electronics production.


Our range: high quality fully automatic inline and semiautomatic batch printers for standard SMT or long board LED applications. 


High Quality Dispensing Systems from one of the leading suppliers. A range of different machines and dedicated valve systems cover a wide range of applications. 



High speed and high precision placing of THT components is available for different production volume requirements.



A full range of dedicated soldering systems allows for soldering applications like reflow and selective soldering, but also manual or fully automatic as well as rework. 


Reflow Soldering:
Soldering Robots:
Selective Soldering:


A full range of board handling systems for SMD and THT production lines can be delivered from one of the worldwide biggest supplier. Single units or complete line configurations are available.


For traceability solutions a compact inline Laser Marking system can be integrated into production lines additionally. 



Manual and semi-automatic depaneling systems up to fully automatic PCB routers for higher volume applications for standard and aluminum based PCB's. 



Fully automatic Conformal Coating Systems for standard and high precision applications. Available as single systems or complete Turnkey Solutions including UV or IR curing, UV inspection and board handling.



A full range of dry cabinets for storing of moisture sensitive devices for different applications and sizes are available for electronics, semicon and other industries.

Also available are drying ovens which allow to dry out devices with a programmable set up. Standard and customized drying ovens can be delivered.