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Inline Depaneling System MDS900

Ideal for LED Long board applications

  • DS-900 is equipped with multiple sets of blades which can separate the multiple longboard set one time.

  • The machine is controlled viaatouch screen and PLC which can monitor production information.

  • The distance between upper and lower cutter can be precisely adjusted.

  • The separating thickness of PCB range is: 0.6MM-3.5MM .

  • The distance of neighboring 2 blades can be adjusted up to aMin 10.5mm.

  • Machine is equipped with safetyprotection device and CE approved

  • MDS-900 is equippedwith standard SMEMA connector easy to connect with upstream machine .

  • The conveying speed can be adjusted.

  • Suitable to cutPCBbased on, aluminium ,FR4 or glass fiber.

Product Outline

Inline PCB Separator with multiple Cutting Wheels for long Aluminum Boards

Product Video
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