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SPM2300 Manual/Squeegee Guided Printer

Manual Precise Printing Table

The SPM2300 is the ideal machine  for small volume productions and prototyping. Single- or double-sided PCBs can be processed and the optional squeegee guidance ensures repetitive and precice results.  

Product Featuree

  • Easy and fast Product Setup

  • Screen Sizes up to 23 “ 

  • Large Print Area 450 x 500 mm

  • X, Y and Theta Table  Adjustment

  • Vertical print separation for accurate printing results

  • Compact Footprint

  • Table Top or Stand Mounted

  • Available With or Without Dual Squeegee Print Carriage with independent Pressure Control

  • Versatile PCB Fixing System with various tooling options

  • Adjustable Frame fixation

Product Outline
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