MSP250 Manual Printer

Manual Precise Printing Table


MSP250 is suitable for a wide range of PCBs. Single- or double-sided PCBs in small volumes.  They  can be conveniently processed with this versatile and high precision Manual Printer. 

Product Outline:

  • Suited for following printing materials:

    • Ink, solder paste, red glue, silver paste, thermal conductive paste, silicone paste, etc.

  • Can choose the same platform as the printing machine 

  • Single and double panel location with convenient and high flexibility to ensure printing accuracy

  • Printing screen rotatable up to 45°, its high precision is comparable to printing machines

  • Convenient and fast stencil movement method for alignement of and connection with the printing platform

    • X and Y axis fine tuning calibration

  • For  the frame of the thickening machine only superior, strong and durable materials were selected

  • The steel mesh stents with their spiral screws allow movement on the Z-axis to take account of PCB thickness

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