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JD450-L High Speed Dispensing Machine

High Speed Dispensing Systems

High Speed combined with high accuracy and versatile Jet Dispensing valves for a wide range of application. High quality platform combined with leading edge valve technology and easy to use software. 

  • X/Y axis driven by Linear Motors, maximum Speed: 2000mm/sec.

  • Repeatable accuracy: +/- 0.02mm

  • For PCB’s up to 350 x 450mm (optional bigger systems available)

  • High Precision Jet Valve and Temperature control system from world wide leading suppliers

  • Min. Dispensing diameter of down to 0.2mm (SMT adhesives)

  • Vacuum valve nozzle cleaning system

  • Automatic width adjustment

  • High precision glue weighing system (option)

  • Laser Height detection system (option)

  • Industrial PC control

  • Easy to use Sofware based on Windows

Experience our high speed JD450L Jet Dispenser live in action: 

Product Outline
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