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Inline IR Curing Systems ICM- Series

Inline IR Curing Ovens with 4, 6 or 9 Heating Zones

The Inline Curing Ovens are ideal for mid to high volume productions. They are easy to be integrated with dispensing or coating systems. The systems are available in different lengths and configuration to match your production requirements.

Product Features:

  • Three different lenghts available: 4 / 6 or 9 Heating zones

  • The cure chamber achieves a thermally uniform atmosphere with special Far Infrared tubes.

  • The heaters are located into a drawer which can be move out from the front of the machine, so to make maintenance and repairing much easier.

  • The inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel which easy for cleans.

  • Specially enlarged the heat-resistant layer to 50mm, prevent the heat lose effectively, so to save energy lose.

  • Two fans for cooling, use filter at fans’ inlet/outlet with two individual exhausting ports

  • Stainless steel chain conveyor with harden guiding rails.

  • Conveyor speed controlled via transducer by touch screen and PLC. Set speed in touch screen.

Product Outline
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