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Fully Automatic Inline Stencil Printer H450/H610

High Precision Printer with Stencil Cleaning and 2D Inspection

Fully-automatic, versatile Stencil Printing Machine with automatic fiducial recognition function of machine vision, using a high-precision Servo drive system to achieve fast and accurate alignement. With the built in independent cleaning system and cycle times of less than 7s, high printing quality of solder paste and ultimate product efficiency can be guaranteed. 


Complete with motorized print carriage for double squeegees, SMEMA 3-stage board board conveyor with motorized width adjustment, vision system for automatic position correction, adjustable width/thickness for stencil frames, stencil position memory function, automatic USC/stencil cleaning system, automatic 2D paste inspection, PC with keyboard and Windows 7 software, this inline stencil printer comes in two models for PCB's up to 450x40mm or 610x610mm. 


This machine is controlled by computer, with Windows 7 user interface and easy to use software functions to set printing height, squeegee pressure, printing stroke, speed and stencil automatic cleaning.

Product Outline:

  • Rigid and stable inline system for high quality printing results

  • Fully programmable printing parameters

  • Motorized squeegee head

  • Automatic PCB thickness compensation

  • Versatile CB support with vacuum

  • Automatic stencil positioning systems

  • Integrated 2D solder paste inspection system (SPI)

  • Integrated underside stencil cleaning system (USC) with three modes (dry, wet, vacuum)

  • Windows 7 based software for fast programming and easy change over

  • Over 5'800 installed machines

Experience our high quality H450 printing machine live in action: 

Product Outline
Product Video
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