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Inline UV Curing Systems GS602

The GS602 UV curing machine is an inline, fully automatic UV Curing system with automatic with adjustment based on a planar radiation for curing of selective coated Printed Circuit Boards. In combination with the fully automatic selective coating systems from Lavortec if offers a complete turnkey solution coating line.


Product Features:

  • feeding section length 785mm

  • UV curing section length 730mm (including the shading section length 200mm at both feeding and discharging ends)

  • discharging section length 485mm

  • conveyor chain width 50-450mm adjustable

  • the height of both feeding and discharging ends are 100mm

  • two groups of imported metal halide tubes

  • each metal halide tube is controlled independently, lamp mask height and radiation angle can be adjusted

  • extruded aluminium condensation reflector

  • new special mirror-coated reflection aluminium plate with effectiveness higher by 30% than traditional reflector

  • UV lamp masks and base boards are made of SUS304# stainless steel

  • driving motor works with gear speed reducer, conveyor speed max. 5m/min.

  • conveyor direction from right to left when you face the control panel

  • wall-type air supply system is adopted for incoming air; forced cooling exhauster system is adopted for outgoing air

  • cooling fan is added to the transmission system to reduce conveyor mesh temperature 

Product Outline

Compact UV Curing System for a wide range of coating applications

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