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Dry Storage Solutions

Lavortec offers a wide range of Dry Storage Solutions, enabling everybody to find the right fit for their requirements.

Features :

  • LED display: conveniently displays temperature and humidity

  • using 1.00mm cold-rolled steel, 3.2mm tempered glass, lock-key handle

  • door frame covered with magnet rubber keeps reliable air tightness

  • special desiccant in DRY-UNIT is semi-permanent

  • humidity controller maintains stable constant humidity

  • operation in normal temperature, noiseless, long life

  • fast dehumidifying speed, the humidity of the inner cabinet can drop down in several minutes with the nitrogen version

  • sturdy and durable shelves are movable up and down and the special design makes the inside space  flexible

  • energy saving design: no heating, no condensation dripping, absence of fan noise

Product Outline

Assure Your Production Quality With a Wide Range of Options

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