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SMD/THT AOI Bottom Side Inspection A500BI

Inline, Automated Inspection System for THT and SMD Components

on the PCB Bottom Side

Inline AOI system for for fully automatic Inspection of PCB Bottom Side. Able to inspect SMD and THT components

  • inspection for SMD and THT components as well as solder joints

  • powerful algorithm logic functions for odd shape component inspection

  • reliable inspection down to 01005 and 03015 components

  • inspection of ultra fine pitch components down to 0.3mm

  • 5 Megapixel camera (made in Germany) and professional optics

  • 1D/2D Bar code reader integrated

  • unique SOPT (Software Offset Position Technology) for compensation of board warpage on standard and flex boards

  • software with automatic CAD conversion, pick and place data import and customizable component library

Experience our high quality Bottom Side AOI inspection live in action: 

Product Outline
Product Video
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